Friday, October 9, 2009

Ambedgar memorial at Rs 2600 crores

It is said that mayawAtiji is bent upon spending Rs2600 crores on constructing memorials for Dr. Ambedgar and her mentor kanshiram. The memorials will also have statues of our behenji and her poll symbal Elephant also. If the elected representatives of Indian people spend like this, we can only remember the saying " people will get a government they deserve". Instead of indulging in these sort of exercises in futility, our behenji could do something for the cause of education , housing projects etc and name it after the leaders she wants to adorn.In the life of roller coastal ride , some day someone will come to power and bulldoze the memorials.{ Mr. Mulayam singhji already declares so}.
The supreme court had also stayed the consruction of these memorials .Some 24 hour news channels had telecast the construction of these memorials in blatant violation of the supreme court order. Now supreme court warns of arrest of the chef secretary of the UP government.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

going to post office and bank without a pen

It has become a universal phenomenon for Indians to go to bank without a pen. he is quite sure that somebody will bring a pen for him.some people will have the coutesy to ask next man to give him the pen. Some body will virtually take out your pen without even asking for it. If the man demanding is well built , you have no choice except to meekly submit to his demand . Some people think that they are cleverer than the person asking the pen and give him the writing part of the pen retaining the cap. these sort of people end up in keeping a cllection og various types of pen covers as a momento for their infantile innocence in parting away their pen.In response to many letters to the editor regarding theis by the public , some bank (in post offices i did not find any) keep a cheap ballpoint pen with an attachement like the way tumblers are kept in railway stations. more often these rickety pens are difficult to use .

iI call upon the public to go with a pen to bank or post office . If you forget , plese come out and buy a pen . Who knows , you may lose your pen anto the wise in the bank and end up bringing home a new pen cap to add to your momentos.