Saturday, January 14, 2012

about the article by justice Markandey katju

On January 11,2012 , I had read a scholarly artice in centre page of Hindu under the caption *Four people"s principles" by Justice Markandey katju. It is worth reading.Whether u agree with him or not , u can"t avoid ruminating for a while.


The culture of showing off

It is a common sight in railway stations. people carrying suit cases with baggage check in tags attached to thei suit cases in tact .THEY MIGHT HAVE Travelled by air long back , but they are reluctant to part with their prizes possesion of the tag of air travel. You can also see many brand new cars(?) running without registration number inscribed on number plates, but the word "for registration " in tact eversince it rolllrolled out from show room(or ever since the gift of poor father in law). The proud owner of the car will keep the factory fitted polythene cover on its seat just to show that the car is new you can also see posters and congratulatory ads inserted by well wisher of the foreign retured indian haialing him as (Ameriricavililirundu vertriyudan thirumbu.......0. thanks to soft ware boom, the posters and ads are reduced now , not altogethe diappeared.

why all thesse pomp, show and snobbery? Because the middleclass indians want to show that they have come ff. It is a silent declaration that i hve come ff, what about u