Friday, August 6, 2010


As the years roll by, the the festival of breaking coconuts on the heads of  devotees near karur Mettu mahathanapuram gains momentu, in terms of press coverage and the participation of the crowd. The superstitious people are thronging thr trmple in search of magical solution for their problems by giving their head for breaking coconunts. It is pitiable that the devotees strongly believe that the Almighty will save them from all sufferings. The press relishes in sensationalising the issue. The constitution that exhorts ite citizens to adopt scientific temper could do nothing to prevent this superstiton. whereas the scientists of our country invariably visit Lord venkateswara before every satellite launch and PWD enginees pour  woter into the dam to invoke the lord to fill the dam by heavy rains. These are the few reported  incidents of wanton  and vulgar display of superstition by educated , scientists, officials of the state alike.