Thursday, November 26, 2009

The press and media who defiled the sanctum sanctorum of a temple

This is with regard to a priest who had his illicit sexual escapades inside Macheswara perumal temple sanctum sanctorum  in Kanchipuram , Tamilnadu. The priest with an infantile face with a tuft in his head seemed a typical gurukkal. The precocious priest had enticed many women and had sexual acts in temple. He had the audacity to vidiograph his actions with his mobile. The priest had been doing his mischief during day time and while doing it he came out intermittently to perform pooja  for the innocent devotees . He was caught when he handed overthe mobile for repair, There came a spate of CDs that catered to the voyoeristic public of Tamilnadu.

As usual, the media of Tamilnadu, both print and visual, came out with cover stories and prime time highlights making a sensation . Of couerse , they might have made money and made the innocent devoties to see  all the priests with suspicion.The police , as usual, jumped into the fray , at the height of the sensation and started giving interviews informing that they suspect  many women were involved with the priest and they would enquire all. Of course, it is a ruse for extortion. Subsequently, a women attempted suicide on being framed as a suspect.
The press and visual media had covered the incident  with sensation. They made banner stories and followed it everyday till the priest had surrendered nad sent to custody,

The press need not have given  such a sensational coverage. The public shoul not have purchased the CDs t of the priest's  ugly pranks. Who is to blame? The press or the public or the priest or the women who were consenting parties for the sacrilege?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

who will police the police in tamilnadu?

The role of police is indispensable in a civilised society. The police is expected to do service in all branches of human activity like enforcing law and order , prevention. investigation and detection of crimes , collecting intelligence regarding forces of terrorist activities , white collorand cyber crimes etc. The quality of policing will depend upon the quality of persons who form the police force. The police of Tamilnadu had been in timelight nowadays for their unbecoming role .

Any disreet public knows that allegations of custodial violence,nexus with the criminals and politicians with criminal backround against the tamilnadu police is on the increase.

To-day's (14.11.2009) newspapers carried some news items which will bring to light the under current of the sordid state of affairs that need to corrected on a war footing by the powers that be.

1)The Hindu carries a news item today regrding the laying of chargr sheet aginst 12 police officers for torturing a suspect to death who was taken for interrogation by Kadaynallur police in Tamilnadu.The case was investigated by CB CID and charge sheet was laid against the police officers in Tenkasi court.
2) The malai malar eveninger carried two news regarding the police .The first news is regarding the nexus between three headconstables of Elephant Gate police station in Chennai . The headconstable are alleged to have developed friendship with a thief and they used to share the booty. They also used to go to Pondicherry and soend the money on fun and frolic.
The second item paertains to the theft of a lorry by a policemen. In this , it is alleged that the policeman had tied the driver and cleaner of the lorry and made good his escape withe the lorry
3) This weeks carried an article regarding a head constable of Mettur police station who had run a brothel at his house with the active assistance of his better half(bitterhalf). The constable and his wife escaped when the Mettur D.SP went for the raid.
4) this weeks carried a news item regarding sufferings of man who had innocently given some infoemation to the police regarding a double murder case in Chennai.The police harassed him for giving a twist to ther version of the crime .Ultimately , he got anticipatory bail from High court , madras.

The news proves the statement of the Honourable chief minister of Tamilnadu Hr, H,karunanidhi that the police in tamilnadu had worsened like half damaged liver . Unfortunately, the above statement was made when he was in the opposition and selvi Jayalalitha was in power.

It is high time that serious efforts have to be made by the chief minister to prevent further damge to the liver of the system .

P.S.This week a positive report about the sincere and dedicated service of the commissioner of police Mr. Karunasagar found place in the media. Let his lot grow in number

Friday, November 13, 2009

declaration of assets of judges

The Honourable chief justice of India Mr.K.G.Balakrishnan had finally declred his assets last week.Twenty judges of the supreme court had followed him . The cji had declared that he has a nine year old santro and two plots worth 25 lakhs . It took nearly two years for the Supreme court judges to declare their assets. Initially there were reluctance . The Delhi High court had declared that RTI Act would apply to Supreme court also. Immediately, the supreme court wanted to take the matter in appeal to supreme court itself.

In the meanwhile ,a High court judge had declared his assets and wrote an article in a newspaper. the CJI had declared that those things should not have been done .Soon there arose a debate in the country wether the judiciary is right in not endorsing the declaration of assets of the judges . Some judges wanted to declare their assets to the chief justice of their respective courts.The national debate over declaration of assets of the judges and the purview of the RTI Act was soaring to further heights , the judges of the Kerala High court declared their assets . This was followed by some other judges. Now , the supreme court judges had declared their assets . The controversy is over now.
The Honourable Justice K.Chandru of Madras High court had declered the particulars of his assets to the chief justice of Madras High court.
Many more High court judges are yet to declare their assets .

The isssue might not have arisen , had the judges declared their assets earlier before the issue was blown out of proportion. The initial reluctance might have caused some apprehension in the mind of the public.
I hereby call upon the law Minister Of India to come out with a bill that statutorily mandates the declaration of assets of the judges not only at the time of appointment but also on annual basis.