Friday, November 13, 2009

declaration of assets of judges

The Honourable chief justice of India Mr.K.G.Balakrishnan had finally declred his assets last week.Twenty judges of the supreme court had followed him . The cji had declared that he has a nine year old santro and two plots worth 25 lakhs . It took nearly two years for the Supreme court judges to declare their assets. Initially there were reluctance . The Delhi High court had declared that RTI Act would apply to Supreme court also. Immediately, the supreme court wanted to take the matter in appeal to supreme court itself.

In the meanwhile ,a High court judge had declared his assets and wrote an article in a newspaper. the CJI had declared that those things should not have been done .Soon there arose a debate in the country wether the judiciary is right in not endorsing the declaration of assets of the judges . Some judges wanted to declare their assets to the chief justice of their respective courts.The national debate over declaration of assets of the judges and the purview of the RTI Act was soaring to further heights , the judges of the Kerala High court declared their assets . This was followed by some other judges. Now , the supreme court judges had declared their assets . The controversy is over now.
The Honourable Justice K.Chandru of Madras High court had declered the particulars of his assets to the chief justice of Madras High court.
Many more High court judges are yet to declare their assets .

The isssue might not have arisen , had the judges declared their assets earlier before the issue was blown out of proportion. The initial reluctance might have caused some apprehension in the mind of the public.
I hereby call upon the law Minister Of India to come out with a bill that statutorily mandates the declaration of assets of the judges not only at the time of appointment but also on annual basis.

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